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At 14:41 06/13/2000 -0400, Chris Maier wrote:
>Well, we have to remember that some of the Gundams in Wing were destroyed-

        My bad. Wing Gundams really ticked me off because it was a return to
the older days of super-robots, where the mecha were only destroyed as a
plot device -- generally speaking, either to kill off the character, or to
allow for an upgrade.

        IMO, a Gundam-class MS should be just better MS for the soldiers
involved in the war, not a war-winning piece of super-weapon. The impression
that Wing gives me is that the Gundams are super-weapons, which does
irritate me enough to go off it.

        But as I said, if they had not called those super-weapons as
Gundams, I would have probably found the show interesting.

> Sandrock-self destructed,
> Deathscythe-Blown to bits by Trowa's Leo, although it was'nt piloted.

        Try not to include self-destruction or things like destruction of an
unpiloted Gundam into your list, and I think the instances of destruction of
a Wing Gundam will drop quite a bit. And when they do get destroyed, it
tends to be a plot device for upgrading to a brand new model...

        Having said all these, I'll be fair and say that 0083 had a similar
idea -- the GP01 was shot several times by Cima, but only suffered heavy
damage. I'm sure you can find several more examples of this in 0083. OTOH,
though, in 0083, the MSes do take damage when hit by grunt suits, something
that I see Wing Gundams simply disregard. I mean, Gundarium might be good,
but come on! =)

        Of the Gundam UC stories I've seen, both 0080 and CCA treats MSes
like military equipment, throwing them away when it broke down. 0083 has a
similar theme, but it has a superweapon feel to it too. Wing simply toss the
idea out the window, and goes back to the super-robot days, something which
is entertaining in its own right.

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