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> Personally, I think there were sufficiently explained by Char's
> dialogue. He gave the Earthnoids their warning and chance, and
> they wasted their chance, so he moves to the next phase. Like
> other elements of Gundam, very oldtestmentish. Long time
> ago(Back in the Fidonet days), I did an article on Char as a Moses-
> like figure. I may have to see if I can dig them up.

Hrmm... it seemed pretty obvious he would do it since
a) He is the heir to Zion Daikun
b) He wants to show Hamaan (well, her spirit I guess) that he was the true
c) I guess the whole Titans/Eugo/Axis/New Decides/Kalaba thing really pissed
him off...
but for one thing, this didn't happen "suddenly". Since there was a big gap
from 0088 -> 0092 (before CCA). I'm pretty sure from the first time he saw
Mineba Zabi and Hamaan in Zeta, he already wanted to take back control of

> > Also, where are all the people from Zeta or ZZ even? Why did we have
> > to get Chein, Quess, Gynei, Lezun, and Kayra Sun when they could've
> > gone with Camille, Fa, or even Judo. I like Chien, but why replace
> Camille: coma
> Fa: tied down with that piece of meat
> Judo: Not in earthsphere

Camille should be back to normal after ZZ i think. He starts talking again
and his newtype abilities/arrogance is definitely fine at the end... Judoo
should be back in Earthsphere by 0092... But in both cases, after Eugo
disbanded, I would think that both would not join the Earth United forces.
I mean, Judo would only be 18 by 0093, so he probably still hates adults...
Camille.. well, he'd take over the show hahahahha... I don't know if they
have a scale of power like in DBZ, but it seems that Amuro and Char aren't
really that powerful as newtypes compared to Camille and Judoo... they're
probably better pilots or strategists though... (and they maintain better

> > CCA actually did a tiny bit of Quess development, she didn't like
> the
> > Feds very much (should have been done better) and she was
> comparing
> > Amuro to Char (with the assumption that these two represent the
> best
> > of each side, kind of like Fisher vs. Spassky). Those were good
> > starting points, but in CCA, she deflected because she was
> jealous of
> > a woman who wasn't even dating Amuro? And then she got
> charmed over
> > by Char who was practically fucking another woman right in front
> of
> > her? Sheesh!
> I think you overvalued the jealousy factors. Like she said, she
> wanted to study the Newtypes, and resent those who get in her way.
> That doesn't necessary means a personal sexual relationship.
> Quess defected because her sense of Justice would not condone
> what Amuro was doing. Not to mention she agree with what Char
> was saying.
> > Hmm... too many mighty fanfic projects, not enough might...

Also, (i forgot if it was Z or ZZ) didn't someone say that Newtypes are
naturally attracted to other newtypes??

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