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> Jim Huang wrote:
> > ago(Back in the Fidonet days), I did an article on Char as a Moses-
> > like figure. I may have to see if I can dig them up.
> That sounds amazing! Sounds a little outlandish, but I'd love to read
> it! :)

Well, its currently in the harddrive of a non-function 386. But
basically, you have the abandonment at young age for their own
protection. Raised under false identity and befriend the offspring of
their opprossors. Became the leader of a disadvantaged people
seeking freedom. High casuality count as the result, etc. It's not a
perfect fit. But the archtype is very similiar.
> > Thinking about it, the song "Let my people go" from Prince of Egypt
> > and footage from CCA would make a nice music video, too bad it's
> > already too late for this year.
> No no, not too late!

I mean for the competiton at an upcoming convention.

> > Sunrise want them to have "proper" relationship, and Tomino
> > wouldn't let Amuro get married. So she is out.
> I can kind of guess why Tomino won't let Amuro get married, but did
> Tomino ever come out and explain why?

He spend two pages on it. If I really have to boil it down, is that he
felt being married and being a "hero" does not mix.

> > Were they really her friends? Remember what whe told Char about her
> > relationship with Amuro and co.? And for all she knew, they could
> > had already been executed by Fed at that point. Not to mention she
> > knew her stepmother is on Earth.
> I don't mean Amuro and co., I mean those punks who were helping her
> run away from her father at the beginning of the movie. They seem
> like pretty buddy buddy with Quess and similarly Fed-haters. Either
> executed or crushed, the only outcome (if Char were successful) for
> these ex-pals of Quess was death.
In the novel, Quess heard several gun shots as she was being
dragged off. In any case, I don't see them as specially close friend.

Also, you have to remember, I belong to the school of Gundam fan
that believe that if human can live on Moon, Space, Mars, and
Jupitor, a nuclear winter on Earth just equalize the condition across
Earth sphere. The Earth's surface will be no colder than what's
around the space colony. The radiation is no worse. The food is
supplied from Spacenoid anyway, so that will not change. The
energy? H^3 fusion reactor. There is no good reason why Moon
City style structure can not be constructed on Earth. Earthnoid will
just have to endure what Spacenoid had been forced to experienced
for generations, by Earthnoid.

> Hmm... I kind of see your point but my interpretation is
> slightly different, the conflict is between:
> a) those who believe humanity progresses by aggressive elimination of
> the
> weak and the sick.
> b) those who believe to be human is to be compassionate and merciful,
> sometimes even at the price of so-called "progress".

I do not see it that way. After all, Char never mentioned the
Earthnoid as weak or sick.

To me, it's the matter on how do you stop people from wrong doing
and oppress others. Same way as Bright "correct" Amuro.
Everyone "correct" Camille. etc. Char was attempting to "correct"
Earthnoids. Both Char and Amuro agree that what Earthnoid was
doing was wrong. The disagreement is on how to correct it, or can
people reform themselve without outside force.
> > Both Quess and Hathaway are my role model.
> I am more comfortable with Amuro (0079), Mirai (0079), Judo, Usso,
> Shkakti, Shiroh and Aina. In an extreme case, even Kikka (0079).
> Hmm... I guess the running theme in these characters is that they
> never tried to force a change in the world, people who believe they
> can change the world tends to become monsters. But these character
> aren't the type who sit on their hands as the world goes by. When the
> world is ready for a revolution and is in need of some personal
> sacrifices, someone to take care of business, they are there to do it.

As mentioned earlier by others about Char and Amuro in Zeta.

Amuro: We're going to send all of the people on Earth into space.
We should have a few sacrifices.
Char: So am I a sacrifice?
Amuro: Maybe it's in your family

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