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 CCA are the first kits committed to accurate colours and no-glue required,
 of course like the first of everything, it's not as good as the later
 series. The JD that I got has some flash and other minor surface and
 molding defects. The plastic colours are very bright very happy colours
 compared to the later kits (I think 08MST and HGUC managed to find
 interesting sublte shades of the classic happy colours). I haven't got to
 the screws yet. I expect them to take a bit of skill but shouldn't be too
 difficult. I've heard of some guy who is totally flustrated by the screws
 in the MG RX-79(G). Basically the plastic you are screwing into has a
 round hole with no threads, so you are making the threads with the screw.
 Meaning you have to go in straight and you can do it only once. Since the
 plastic is so soft compared to the metal, you can't unscrew it and screw
 it back in a few times without completely stripping the hole. So this is
 a warning. Personally I am not worried at all, since I habitually glue
 the parts together. With CCA, the amount of work required is perhaps
 double that of 08MST/HGUC kits, what with sanding and filling gaps and
 bits of paintings. But the main thing is that the proportions look good
 (enough), so I am happy with JD.

I didn't like the wrists on the Jagd Dogas. Also I wasn't thrilled with the
Sazabi's proportions. It didn't have the same massive look of the Resin
Kits. I am excited about the MG Sazabi. I'd still say the best from the CCA
Series is the 1/199 Nu Gundam.


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