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On 13 Jan 06, at 13:208, Freedom045@aol.com wrotf:

> I like CCA a lot, but I do have some gripes with it.
> There is never really a true explanation as to why Char is doing what
> he is doing. That is the thing that bugs me the most. Its like all of
> a sudden, he wants to bomb earth. This is a very different Char than
> the one who spoke at Dakar. Is he doing all this, just so he can get
> back at Amuro for killing Lalah? That sounds kinda weak.


> (they toast, which I think is a beautiful scene, and its the last one
> in which they appear together face to face. I'm just left scratching
> my head to see why Char suddenly goes nuts as it were.)

Personally, I think there were sufficiently explained by Char's
dialogue. He gave the Earthnoids their warning and chance, and
they wasted their chance, so he moves to the next phase. Like
other elements of Gundam, very oldtestmentish. Long time
ago(Back in the Fidonet days), I did an article on Char as a Moses-
like figure. I may have to see if I can dig them up.
Thinking about it, the song "Let my people go" from Prince of Egypt
and footage from CCA would make a nice music video, too bad it's
already too late for this year.

> Also, where are all the people from Zeta or ZZ even? Why did we have
> to get Chein, Quess, Gynei, Lezun, and Kayra Sun when they could've
> gone with Camille, Fa, or even Judo. I like Chien, but why replace

Camille: coma
Fa: tied down with that piece of meat
Judo: Not in earthsphere

> someone like Beltochika Irma, with nary a mention?

Tomino already explained that in Boltochika's Children's postscript.
Sunrise want them to have "proper" relationship, and Tomino
wouldn't let Amuro get married. So she is out.

> It's just the classical Titans vs. AEUG conflict. The only
> difference is that this time Char wants to destroy Earth and kill lots
> of innocent people. Hmm... it doesn't really compute, does it?
> Aren't there all her pals back on Earth when she's helping Char
> drop that little Axis?

Were they really her friends? Remember what whe told Char about
her relationship with Amuro and co.? And for all she knew, they
could had already been executed by Fed at that point. Not to
mention she knew her stepmother is on Earth.
> CCA actually did a tiny bit of Quess development, she didn't like
> Feds very much (should have been done better) and she was
> Amuro to Char (with the assumption that these two represent the
> of each side, kind of like Fisher vs. Spassky). Those were good
> starting points, but in CCA, she deflected because she was
jealous of
> a woman who wasn't even dating Amuro? And then she got
charmed over
> by Char who was practically fucking another woman right in front
> her? Sheesh!

I think you overvalued the jealousy factors. Like she said, she
wanted to study the Newtypes, and resent those who get in her way.
That doesn't necessary means a personal sexual relationship.

Quess defected because her sense of Justice would not condone
what Amuro was doing. Not to mention she agree with what Char
was saying.

> Hmm... too many mighty fanfic projects, not enough might...

I know. I have two main-one myself.
One on alternative scenerio that Char's plan worked. Earthnoids
moves underground. And Spacenoids colonized 50 planets,
envolved, developed sentient robots. And make Gundam the Missing
link bettwen Ismov's I, Robot series and Cave of Steel Triology.

Heian Senki: Gundam Monogatari:
Char as Hikaru Genji
Lalah as Fujitsubo
Quess as Murasaki

On 12 Jun 00, at 1:15, core@gundam.com wrotf:

> > > the similarities between the modern Char, and his one-time
> That may be befitting of an airhead groupie, but a key character of
> the show who showed potentials to tip the balance of power?
> Quess could have, should have been a great character. But as
the way
> CCA turns out, she's just another flippant deflector.

Well, my view is different. On the way up, she looked at her father
and complained that the world is in the mess because of adults like
him. Now, that's a very common view for young-teens. However,
most do nothing about i, and became adult like that. Shoujo
Kakumei Utena spend almost a whole show on that topic.

Similiarly, Tomino, by the example of those two, shows the two
possibile path for youngsters with that view. They can either
a)Help the adults who is doing the right thing, even if the price for
such personal revolution is high.
b)surive and became the adult who is trying to do the right thing,
even if the price for such revolution is also very high.

Both Quess and Hathaway are my role model.

Jim Huang

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