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Chris Maier wrote:
> I heard they have screws, do these make the kits any harder? Also, how
> is the color accuracy? Keep in mind i'm an extremely amateur
> modeller.... Also, this is slightly off my posted topic, but how's
> that Gouf Flight Test Type(08th MS team version) model kit?

I happen to be working on (well, on and off) both the Gouf Flight Type and
Jagd Doga (Gynnei's colour).

Gouf Flight Type is a little trickier than the typical 08MST/HGUC quality.
The big ass calves and feet doesn't fit together perfectly like HGUC kits.
Especially the calves left quite a gap when you put all the pieces
together. You can fill the gaps with super glue/talc or putty, and sand
paper like crazy. The head, arms and weapons are fine, haven't get to the
torso yet, I don't expect any problem. Oh, you need to paint severl parts
before you put the legs together (the stickers are a sham). And of course
you need to paint over the leg gaps. The kit is molded in grey and black.
Which is quite a break from the kiddie colour scheme used in typical
Gundam mechas. So it will look a little drab next to your Gundams. The
pro-quality pictures Bandai put out look great because Bandai did all the
subtle highlighting and detailing on the model, but without those it may
look a little boring. It's hard to explain, somehow when you have bright
happy colours on a mecha you don't need those tricky highlighting and
shading (at least for me).

CCA are the first kits committed to accurate colours and no-glue required,
of course like the first of everything, it's not as good as the later
series. The JD that I got has some flash and other minor surface and
molding defects. The plastic colours are very bright very happy colours
compared to the later kits (I think 08MST and HGUC managed to find
interesting sublte shades of the classic happy colours). I haven't got to
the screws yet. I expect them to take a bit of skill but shouldn't be too
difficult. I've heard of some guy who is totally flustrated by the screws
in the MG RX-79(G). Basically the plastic you are screwing into has a
round hole with no threads, so you are making the threads with the screw.
Meaning you have to go in straight and you can do it only once. Since the
plastic is so soft compared to the metal, you can't unscrew it and screw
it back in a few times without completely stripping the hole. So this is
a warning. Personally I am not worried at all, since I habitually glue
the parts together. With CCA, the amount of work required is perhaps
double that of 08MST/HGUC kits, what with sanding and filling gaps and
bits of paintings. But the main thing is that the proportions look good
(enough), so I am happy with JD.

Basically if you like the looks of these mechs go for them. Both are a
slight cut harder than HG/MG kits. If I have to give scores on "ease", I
would say

MG 95
08MST 85
Gouf F 80
JD 70
FG 60
Z/ZZ 50
0079 20

I drew a line there to somewhat arbitrarily divide the kits into "Pretty
difficult" and "Not so difficult".

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