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Tue, 13 Jun 2000 19:19:32 -0700

On 13 Jun 00, at 13:00, Edward Ju wrotf:

> >Quess is young, self-centered, immature, irrational, overly emotional
> >and easily susceptible to the "bad boy" element (they don't get any
> >"badder" than Char). She sounds no different from most pretty teenage
> >girls I have encountered. Is she really that much different from most
> >women? =)
> *Ouch*. I can see why girls don't like posting here. Where is Jim
> Huang, our defender of Quess, anyway?

The short answer is that I was sucked into helping out processing
registration for AX last weekend. Beside entering the info, we also
did mock set-up and test run on our manger's beloved DEC Multia
and DEC Dnards.(Last year, the PC we used wasn't sufficiently test
before the con. And I am still scared from that Thursday night.)
Trained non-registratrion dept. staffers to use our system, so they
can be drafted in crunch time, etc. That cut down on my time
reading GML.

The long answer is that due to the volume of this ML, I put it on
reverse killfile. So only selected member's post remain in my mail
box, the rest goes directly to /dev/null/. If I need to keep track of a
discussion I missed, I go to GMLA. So if a discussion is mostly
between some new member I am not familiar with, it may stay below
my radar screen.

I will think about some apporiate response some time.

Jim Huang
President, Quess Paraya Fan Club

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