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I can answer 1 and 3.
Polycaps are special joint-thingys which allow for better articulation and
also allow the joints from wearing down. The PCs for most kits are the same,
although there are exceptions.
3.Despite being molded in color, not all kits all color-accurate, as they
strive to be, even when stickers are applied. Most High Grade and up kits
look ok without color, though. However, take for example the Wing Gundam
1:144-the feet are all red, the wings don't have that yellow streak on them
and the parts of the chest that are supposed to be white are'nt. Also, most
kits from 1989-onward are snap-together, most of the stuff from before
required glue or extra construction. But generally snap-together is pretty
easy, although it is fairly frustrating at times, especially if you
accidentally snap together a part and you forget to put a polycap in. It's
happened to me.

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> I have a few questions about this kit.
> 1: What are polycaps? Are they hard to use? Etc.
> 2: Is this kit good for a beginner?
> 3: I've never put models together. Anything I should know?
> 4: Any painting required?
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