Tue Jun 13 20:06:13 2000

I like CCA a lot, but I do have some gripes with it.

There is never really a true explanation as to why Char is doing what he is doing. That is the thing that bugs me the most. Its like all of a sudden, he wants to bomb earth. This is a very different Char than the one who spoke at Dakar. Is he doing all this, just so he can get back at Amuro for killing Lalah? That sounds kinda weak.

Here is the conversation between Amuro and Char before the speech in "Day of Dakar":

Char: I'm glad you're giving me a ride.
Amuro: I'm sure you won't have any trouble. You're the only man who can represent the AEUG.
Char: You mean a man who can't decide his own fate?
Amuro: People are always looking for a hero.
Char: You want me to act like you?
Amuro: I'd say you're just lucky to have that choice. It's not like I can change my own situation.
Char: Amuro...
Amuro: People have always been changing, haven't they?

Later, aboard the Aldomura after the speech...

Hayato: Congratulations on the successful mission.
Char: Thank you, If we've convinced others to help, then we have succeeded.
Hayato: That was a fine speech.
Char: Oh, yes?
Amuro: What's wrong?
Char: Nothing.
Amuro: Thanks to you, the AEUG and Kalaba are celebrating.
Char: But I lost my freedom as a result.
Amuro: Oh, so that's what's wrong?
Char: Yeah.
Amuro: We're going to send all of the people on Earth into space. We should have a few sacrifices.
Char: So am I a sacrifice?
Amuro: Maybe it's in your family

(they toast, which I think is a beautiful scene, and its the last one in which they appear together face to face. I'm just left scratching my head to see why Char suddenly goes nuts as it were.)


Also, where are all the people from Zeta or ZZ even? Why did we have to get Chein, Quess, Gynei, Lezun, and Kayra Sun when they could've gone with Camille, Fa, or even Judo. I like Chien, but why replace someone like Beltochika Irma, with nary a mention?

The last time we saw Amuro Ray, he was still content with being in the background. How did he all of a sudden find "religion" and return to space to kick ass. I just wish they had set up Char and Amuro better.

Still, there are some great moments in CCA. My favorite is when Amuro is fighting Gyunei and Quess and he takes out Gyunei with one blast, just wiping him out. Now that's a way to kill a major character in a movie! The scene where the Nu gundam arrives on the scene and all the Geara Dogas run away still sends chills up my spine =)


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