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Chris Beilby wrote:

> >Yes. Sgt. Todd was in the same wars that Roy Batty (Hauer) talked about
> when he was on
> >the roof with Decker. There is a spinner (hover cop car) on that garbage
> world that Todd
> >ends up on. I think it was supposed to be prior to Bladerunner, based on
> the
> >technology? I'm not sure.
> >
> Cool! But I can't help but wonder what Ridley Scott thinks of this, or what
> Phil Dick would have thought...

I'd say that Scott would have felt that the world created in "Soldier" was not
grand enough, considering the movies he's made, and Dick would probably still
be irritated that "Bladerunner" went so far away from his book "Do Androids
Dream Of Electric Sheep?" that "Soldier" would be too laughable to consider. I
assume that the grunts like Sgt. Todd were precursors to the Roy Batty type
combat androids that would follow. Disposable heroes, sort of. I just think
that it was kind of cool to see a glimpse of more of that universe, however
marginal the presentation might have been.


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