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> At 07:05 PM 6/12/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> > Turn A has come and gone, what do people think the next series should
> >be about? I'm sort of interested in possibly an "Alternate UC history"
> >which the Zeon win the war, and the Federation ends up being outcast from
> >the Earth sphere,. I'm sort of working on a fanfic of that kind...in
> >to retalitate, the Earth Federation builds new Gundams to win Earth
> >I also think it's about time Mars got into Gundam....it's a planet
> >Gundam's boundaries that has'nt seen any action outside the manga. Any
> >thoughts?
> There a few UC stories that haven't made it to cel yet:
> Sentinel Gundam
> (Probably best suited for a one-shot or short seris OVA, since it's mainly
> a series of battles. However, it did have line of nice "Mid-Grade" models
> that could be due for a return.)
Yea, I'd really like to see this one... especially with today's animation,
it would look great (but then again, it'd be SO mech focused that Tomino
might get a heart attack....)

> Hathaway's Flash
> (As a full-fledged dramatic novel, it could well translate into a series,
> although the Zeorymer-flavoured MS would have to be revised.)
As if Z wasn't depressing enough...... This is a good story though (^.^)

> Gaia Gear
> (Tomino's Newtype serial could finally be recognized as fully part of the
> UC timeline, and it's really an untapped source for models. Maybe it could
> even foreshadow G, X, W, and A! Okay, maybe not.)

This is also one i really want to see... but i'm pretty sure they thought
about it for tv before it went on radio... maybe it was the idea of putting
a clone of Char as the main character that turned off the guys at Sunrise...

> There is a valid argument that these all already exist in several forms of
> media, but there is still the fact that they haven't been animated.
> Nontheless, I'm really beating around the bush; as a Kondo fan, what I
> really want to is an OVA for the struggle of the Jion, maybe facing some
> new monstrous Gundam. Maybe we could even get mainstream Kondo kits from
> the series (Katoki Gundams vs Kondo Jion MS, yeah, YEAH!).
> We now return you to more stable postings.
> tby
You know, even kondo gundams were significantly cooler... But then again,
his stories are like exactly the type of thing that pisses off Tomino. I
had to read his comics twice before I remembered the main "character's" name
(not to mention they dont' show up that often...) it's almost 90% mech
focused or war strategy focused... Nevertheless, cool stuff :)


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