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Edward Ju wrote:

> In that case, G was the homage, and W was the result of laziness.

Other than the Gundams (which are necissary for the show to be called Gundam) There
were NO elements taken from MSG in G Gundam. It was a complete break with Gundam.
Wing was the first to kind of "Remake" 0079 for the 90s.

> Yeah... I do know a girl who was first exposed to Gundam through Wing,
> but she hated it after discovering the UC universe. However, people like
> her are the exception, not the norm. It is also kind of annoying when
> people think Char is a Zech clone. Hmmm...

Yeah...that would suck! Pisses me off as much as Robotech fans who insist that
Robotech is better than Macross. ARRRRGH!

---Brett Jensen

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