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<< Brett Jensen wrote: ((politicians, evil politicians, idealistic politicians. But there are no stupid politicians. -- Dan Quayle.))

I am probably the biggest stinking liberal on the list, and I wasn't sorry when an R-type got the butt-end of the jokes. But I still think that, away from the glaring cameras, Little Danny is a pretty smart cookie. Ok, so he can't spell, but that's not so unusual these days. At the very least, he's smarter than the people who made him VP. >>

At least he didn't claim to have invented the Internet. Gore makes Quayle look like a Mensa.

<<That's what I said, CCA's Quess was an airhead groupie. Why she deserved nearly as much screen time as Amuro is puzzling. And correct me if I am
wrong, of all the natural Newtypes in Gundam, she's the most clueless as far as emotional empathy goes.>>

Quess is young, self-centered, immature, irrational, overly emotional and easily susceptible to the "bad boy" element (they don't get any "badder" than Char). She sounds no different from most pretty teenage girls I have encountered. Is she really that much different from most women? =)

I don't mind her as much as I mind the pathetic whining losers with no self-esteem or self-respect who chase after them, like Hassaway (and Katsu from ZETA).

Its a good thing Amuro didn't live to see what Hassaway did to poor Chien.


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