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At 00:19 06/12/2000 -0700, Brett Jensen wrote:
>Moral: Don't dismiss a show too quickly, and leave your preconceptions at home.

At 20:40 06/12/2000 EDT, wrote:
> I've also found out that, never judge a show until you've seen every single
>episode of a series. I've found a few shows that are horrible, but are great
>in the episodes towards the end.

        Hey, read the whole message. =)

        I said I could swallow the Wing story if it hadn't tried to make the
Gundams so vastly superior to what we saw in the UC storyline. Other than
this, I did find the few episodes I saw relatively okay; the politic
underpinnings are rather interesting, in fact.

        It's only the super-heroic nature of the Wing Gundams that irritates
me. The same thing can be said of 0083, but at least the GP-series Gundams
could be destroyed -- even GP03D was pretty badly shot up at the end of the
show. The Wing Gundams? Nothing quite close to what we see in the UC storylines.

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