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> Turn A has come and gone, what do people think the next series should
>be about? I'm sort of interested in possibly an "Alternate UC history" in
>which the Zeon win the war, and the Federation ends up being outcast from
>the Earth sphere,. I'm sort of working on a fanfic of that order
>to retalitate, the Earth Federation builds new Gundams to win Earth back.
>I also think it's about time Mars got into's a planet within
>Gundam's boundaries that has'nt seen any action outside the manga. Any

There a few UC stories that haven't made it to cel yet:

Sentinel Gundam
(Probably best suited for a one-shot or short seris OVA, since it's mainly
a series of battles. However, it did have line of nice "Mid-Grade" models
that could be due for a return.)

Hathaway's Flash
(As a full-fledged dramatic novel, it could well translate into a series,
although the Zeorymer-flavoured MS would have to be revised.)

Gaia Gear
(Tomino's Newtype serial could finally be recognized as fully part of the
UC timeline, and it's really an untapped source for models. Maybe it could
even foreshadow G, X, W, and A! Okay, maybe not.)

There is a valid argument that these all already exist in several forms of
media, but there is still the fact that they haven't been animated.
Nontheless, I'm really beating around the bush; as a Kondo fan, what I
really want to is an OVA for the struggle of the Jion, maybe facing some
new monstrous Gundam. Maybe we could even get mainstream Kondo kits from
the series (Katoki Gundams vs Kondo Jion MS, yeah, YEAH!).

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