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It'd be great to see Blue Destiny or White Dingo GM's in a show...

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> << South Burning and his squadmates. That would be a great
> series, and would be good marketing for all those variation kits and
toys. >>
> This would be great. I liked South Burning. Its seems at least one of my
> favorite character's die, be it in Gundam or other things, like books,
> etc.
> I would love to see the exploits of South Burning and his squad mates. I
> like Gundam's, but how many times can a new Gundam be made, you know? GM's
> and the rest of the grunts, don't have this problem, as they are mass
> produced and are supposed to look similar/a like, with just performance
> difference's from model to model. Most GM types look similar, but there's
> enough differences in each model of GM to have some variety.
> GM's are cheap to make as models/toys as well, since the molds can
> be used over and over, with slight mold modificaton's for newer GM's.
> When we do get an original Gundam(I.E. Turn A) a lot hated it on first
> sight. I didn't like it until I bought the kit, then I loved it. I would
> to see more originalility like all the weird Turn A mecha in future Gundam
> shows.
> Aaron
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