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><< Of course, it'll never get made. There's just no way Bandai would make a
> Gundam movie without any Gundam (or any Federation MS at all) in it. >>
> Why do the Feds. always need a Gundam? I would like to see an OVA where
>Feds. build their latest Gundam model and the Zeon's, in order to combat
>Gundam, create a more sinister mockery of the Feds. Gundam which, just like
>the Feds. Gundam, strikes fear into the hearts of Feds and is a positive
>symbol to the Zeon troops. Of course, new ideas can be thrown into them mix
>to make it "original".
> It doesn't even have to be called a Gundam, the Zeon's can give it a name
>that is as recognized as the name "Gundam" is among the enemy pilots. Sort
>an anti Gundam that is truly original, not just an anti Gundam for an anti
>Gundam sake. Also, just like the Feds, the Zeon Gundam needs to have a very
>distinct look to it that's easily recognizable as the Zeon's Gundam. It
>should look similar to a Fed Gundam, but still be very Zeon design.

You could call it say, the Bau/Bawoo or the Vigna Ghira(sp).

(sorry, i couldn't resist)


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