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<< South Burning and his squadmates. That would be a great
 series, and would be good marketing for all those variation kits and toys. >>

  This would be great. I liked South Burning. Its seems at least one of my
favorite character's die, be it in Gundam or other things, like books, anime,

  I would love to see the exploits of South Burning and his squad mates. I
like Gundam's, but how many times can a new Gundam be made, you know? GM's
and the rest of the grunts, don't have this problem, as they are mass
produced and are supposed to look similar/a like, with just performance
difference's from model to model. Most GM types look similar, but there's
enough differences in each model of GM to have some variety.

 GM's are cheap to make as models/toys as well, since the molds can basically
be used over and over, with slight mold modificaton's for newer GM's.

  When we do get an original Gundam(I.E. Turn A) a lot hated it on first
sight. I didn't like it until I bought the kit, then I loved it. I would like
to see more originalility like all the weird Turn A mecha in future Gundam


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