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<< yeah, this has been a constant problem...I've had to open up my VHS player
 literally untangle the tape...ugh. >>

  I would love to have a recordable DVD player to hook up to a TV. You can
get about 6-8 hours on a double sided DVD. They'll have them soon or are at
least working on them, it will just be a while until the average person can
affored one.

  If not DVD, I wish there was a digital alternate to the VCR, that allows
you too record on some type of removeable media. Those Tivo players are nice,
but still require use of the VCR to save recorded programs/shows.

  I also wish DVD's and CD's where more durable. As everyone knows, it
doesn't take much to destroy one by accident. Accident's happen, no matter
how careful one is.


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