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> >> good question: what did MS pilots do when they were bored? go crazy
> >play
> >> super giant robo like that guy in Nadesica?
> >hehehhe or sit around and watch swans fly around...
> >or maybe repair an oversized beach ball toy...
> >better yet, run around hitting on older women :)
> >-V-
>I was watching Discovery channel the other day, and this sports
>was saying that fighter pilots, specially the Top Gun aces, were less
>than the general population. I wonder...would this also apply to MS pilots

Well, it obviously does not apply to the cross section of Gundam pilots that
we've seen :-)

However, you have to take into account that some of these shows might not be
as interesting if they were about reasonable, well adjusted huaman beings.
This means the cross section we've seen probably isn't representative.

>as for the hitting on older women...well, the reverse of that is
>that guy was incorrigibly funny.


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