Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 23:25:03 -0700

>And finally I think Tomino wouldn't have done another Gundam series after V,

Or maybe Sunrise was doing so well with non-UC shows they didn't feel like
they needed him (until they saw how X bombed, of course).

>he wouldn't have ended UC if he felt that he could do more besides,even if he
>did, the story might come out forced and bland and I think thats why he
>stopped, this is all of course, specuation. I think that after a few years to
>think up a new story and write, i figure that he was ready again and who
>knows, maybe it was the strangeness in G that made Tomino go for the Radical
>change in Turn-A......... and who knows maybe that short break has helped get
>his creative juices flowing............

Or maybe, as reported by Jorge and friends, he wanted to shift the focus
back to the human characters. And he does so by deliberately using some
horrible new designs for the mobile suits while the other support designs
are rehashes of past glories...


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