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Tue, 13 Jun 2000 22:17:14 GMT

>That's the same thing I was thinking - do a OYW series that features
>nothing but the MSV suits and their ace pilots, but going back to your
>first point, Bandai wouldn't have gone for it when there are no new kits
>for them to sell.

Unless it's about the OYW Aces. I'd love for a series on the various aces to
come out, like Johnny Ridden/Raiden or Shin Matsunaga or early adventures of
the Black Trinary -- or South Burning and his squadmates. That would be a great
series, and would be good marketing for all those variation kits and toys.

>>Again, if it doesn't involved the marketing of new or ret-conned mobile
>>suits, Bandai ain't gonna make it.
>Maybe if they can use this as an excuse to make PG/MG kits out of existing


I can only pray. I'd love to see all that stuff done.

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