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Mon, 12 Jun 2000 23:52:28 -0400

i don't know about any new scenes but it's definitely the best srw game
i've ever played. especially during the fighting sequence where your
robot do move a little. there's also the option of skipping the sequence
which is a time saver. and for those who cheats, i wanted them to change
the upgrade system so you can upgrade everything in one shot. guess
what, that happened for this game but i'm at stage 36 already and still
didn't need the cheat. the enemies are considerably toned down, either
that or i just got used to the game play. no g gundam though, there's
the wing boys that should please those new gundam fans who've watched
wing. unless i missed getting him in some way, i don't think dormon is
in this one. my word is, buy this, you won't regret it.

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<excerpt><fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>Has anyone gotten this
game yet? I have never played any of this series before but I keep on
hearing my friends in Japan talk about it.. They told me that the
storyline includes alot of "new scenes" not shown before in the TV





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