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Brett Jensen wrote:

> LOL!
> It's not quite that bad. yeah, Quattre's a weenie, but he doesn't get much screen time and
> it's pretty cool when he goes nuts and starts blowing up colonies in the Wing zero. ^_^ Mabey
> you should just watch the japanese version, the Acting isn't quite so stiff.

Is the dialogue as goofy, though? There's none of that in 0080 or 08th MS Team, that's for
sure. The acting isn't nearly as bad as the the words they say.

> Are you sure this wasn't just an homage to blade runner? Tannhauser gates are mentioned in
> quite a few post BR Sci-fi movies including Gunbuster. Mabey the spinner came from Silent
> Mobius. ^_^

I'm sure. There's also mention of the Shoulder of Orion. And the main writer said as much.
It's just in the same universe, it's not a real sequel or prequel. A 'side story', if you will.


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