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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> I don't know much about that. I'm talking about dialogue like (I'm paraphrasing here)
> the guy with the mask telling his opponent that he deserves to live and fight because
> he's pure of heart and yadayadayada, the little blond kid crying because of the loss of a
> Gundam like it's a living thing and saying out loud how that he swears that he will do
> this and that, etc, all with no emotion, like they're reading from cards. You know, the
> kind of dialogue where the person speaking just stands there and spouts off about how he
> feels like this and like that because of x and y and z and now he must do something else
> in order to fix it and he will draw upon his strength to yadayadayada. It's not good
> dialogue, it's more like taking scene descriptions and turning *that* into dialogue.
> Comic books have that because sometimes it's not obvious what is going on in a still
> picture, so there's a word bubble with Spiderman or whoever saying something like "I see
> he has beat me to the warehouse. If he gets in there and steals the data from that
> computer... I've got to stop him!" to no one in particular.


It's not quite that bad. yeah, Quattre's a weenie, but he doesn't get much screen time and
it's pretty cool when he goes nuts and starts blowing up colonies in the Wing zero. ^_^ Mabey
you should just watch the japanese version, the Acting isn't quite so stiff.

> Yes. Sgt. Todd was in the same wars that Roy Batty (Hauer) talked about when he was on
> the roof with Decker. There is a spinner (hover cop car) on that garbage world that Todd
> ends up on. I think it was supposed to be prior to Bladerunner, based on the
> technology? I'm not sure.

Are you sure this wasn't just an homage to blade runner? Tannhauser gates are mentioned in
quite a few post BR Sci-fi movies including Gunbuster. Mabey the spinner came from Silent
Mobius. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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