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<< First off, I am one of those wing lovers.
 Second, I am also a UC lover; I've watched 0079, 0080, 0083, f91, CCA, GW,
 EW, GG and snippets of every other series.
 All I can say is...I like them all. I don't care about whether or not it's
 a rip-off of this or a remake of that. what matters in the end is this:
 Was it entertaining? I don't get insulted if I see the same story line,
 because the moment you put it in a different context, things change. the
 moment that you cahnge audience target base, things change. Hell yes, the
 story is basically the same, but the treatment changes. that's enough for
 me. G gundam is basically a gundam version of every single fighting
 cartoon series around, with a gundam twist in the macro level with the
 devil gundam all in the middle of it, but hell, I liked it too. it is in
 the retelling of the same formula. I loved it.
 So, why all this talk of which one SHOULDN'T be gundam? get off it.
 Gundam is whatever bandai says is gundam.
 true, some of htem aren't everybody's cup of tea, but heck, some people
 like this series or that, some don't. in the end, it still is gundam -- be
 it uc, ac, or whatever else it is. Just enjoy and nitpick on the level of
 "could have been edited better" or "could have been storyboarded better" or
 what not. but to argue that a series should never have been gundam?
 sheesh, after all the crazy stuff w've seen bandai put out, you'd think
 we'd get over it. when I saw the Zeta for the first time, I thought that
 it was so far from the look of the rx78 that it should be a different thing
 entirely. now it's one of the best loved designs. when the G gundam stuff
 first came out, so many people were crying IT'S NOT GUNDAM! Lo and behold,
 today, everyone admits it was a "new direction". So for me, I just enjoy
 it. That way, I don't get to worry if it's this or that when there's
 nothing we can do about it. >>

  Couldn't have said it better myself. I totally agree with this post. I've
seen GW, 0080, 0083, F91 and some of 08th MS Team. I like both AC and UC,
too. Sorry for sounding like a "me too", but I honestly agree with you.


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