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Brett Jensen wrote:

> It's because girls dig it, man. GW is designed to be female friendly, that's were all
> the elegant costumes and flowery dialouge comes from.
> Look I'm as manly as the next guy. I tend to like the Gritty Votoms type shows, but I
> can also apreciate something different once in a while. GW, Escaflowne, and Brain
> Powered all have this female-centric attitude.

I don't know much about that. I'm talking about dialogue like (I'm paraphrasing here)
the guy with the mask telling his opponent that he deserves to live and fight because
he's pure of heart and yadayadayada, the little blond kid crying because of the loss of a
Gundam like it's a living thing and saying out loud how that he swears that he will do
this and that, etc, all with no emotion, like they're reading from cards. You know, the
kind of dialogue where the person speaking just stands there and spouts off about how he
feels like this and like that because of x and y and z and now he must do something else
in order to fix it and he will draw upon his strength to yadayadayada. It's not good
dialogue, it's more like taking scene descriptions and turning *that* into dialogue.
Comic books have that because sometimes it's not obvious what is going on in a still
picture, so there's a word bubble with Spiderman or whoever saying something like "I see
he has beat me to the warehouse. If he gets in there and steals the data from that
computer... I've got to stop him!" to no one in particular.

> > You make a great point. It's sort of the same as how people hate "Soldier", which
> > wasn't bad, partly because it's nowhere near as good as "Bladerunner". They are in
> > the same universe.
> They are? I liked the movie, It reminds me of Votoms.
> ---Brett Jensen

Yes. Sgt. Todd was in the same wars that Roy Batty (Hauer) talked about when he was on
the roof with Decker. There is a spinner (hover cop car) on that garbage world that Todd
ends up on. I think it was supposed to be prior to Bladerunner, based on the
technology? I'm not sure.


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