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Mon, 12 Jun 2000 07:06:28 -0700

Master Asia wrote:

> to write the same story with minor adjustments and label it as a fresh new
> story, how would you feel?

You are so right... I remember the 5 Amuros running around in there 5
indestructable gundams...and the Pacifist nation ^_^

Now really, I always felt that the 0079 elements in Wing were more Homage than
anything. I'm a bit harder on X because: the 1st time it's homage, and the second
time it's laziness.

I do however understand your feelings about Wing stealing MSGs thunder. But you
should see it as an opportunity to expose new fans to UC who wouldn't have checked
it out otherwise. Simply bashing the GW fans will only drive them away from UC.

---Brett Jensen (who Loves UC and AC and kinda likes FC and AW.)

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