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> > Yeah. Though I wonder why they went with the Fat Man design rather than
> > more cylindrical Little Boy.
>They represent two completely different approaches to creating a critical
>The Little Boy is a "shotgun" design -- a tube with a subcritical mass at
>end and in the middle, with a chemical explosive charge that shoots one
>into the other.
>The Fat Man is an "implosion" design -- several wedge-shaped subcritical
>are arranged in a spherical array and simultaneously imploded into a
>critical mass by shaped charged studded around the outer surface.

Actually, the Fat Man (and most early implosion designs) used a hollow
sphere of fissile material, not wedge shapes. Later designs used different
configurations (though I've never heard of an implosion device using any
sort of wedge shape).

But that has absolutely nothing to do with the question I asked. Which whas
why the series designers chose to go with the bomb that annihilated Nagasaki
(Fat Man) rather than the one which leveled Hiroshima (little boy).

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