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Blackeagle wrote:

> Um, since I'm the only one on this list who likes X I think you ought to
> read my posts a little more carefully. I never said the X chars were "The
> best gundam characters". I did say they were the most believeable, save for
> 0080.

I said I like X like 3 times. ^_- sorry if I misquoted you.

> Nor did I say the Gundam X characters were "Original", I said they were
> unique. This may seem like a subltle difference, but please allow me to
> explain. Original, to me, means something that hasn't been done before.
> Something that's unique may have been done before, but the current iteration
> is different enough to be distinctive in my mind. For example, Anivel Gato
> isn't original, because his character draws qutie a bit on Char Aznable's
> role in the original series. However he is unique. Contrast this to Zechs
> Merquise, who is neither original nor unique.

Excellent point. Again, sorry to have misquoted you.

> To apply this to Gundam X: Garrod's character isn't unique. After all,
> we've seen plenty of teenage Gundam pilots before. However, I did find him
> to be unique. Unlike the usual morose and angst ridden Amuro/Camille type,
> Garrod is happy and optimistic.

He's actually more like Jodo ashita from ZZ. I kinda like Garoad, the doctor,
The one Mecha pilot girl (can't remember her name) and the mechanic kid. but I
think the rest are kinda wishy washy.

> I never said it was more original than Z or W, either. I did say I though
> it was better. While others may have different opinions, no one has offered
> anything in this discussion that would change my mind.

As I said before, it's a free country.

---Brett Jensen


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