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I've been reading this thread and one thing REALLY annoys me, first things
first G wan't lunacy IMO, it had a story that had a significant impact on the
gundam community whether it be good or bad, these guys had the balls to go in
a in a different direction and tell a gundam story in a completely different

    Second of all you wing lovers shouldn't even be complaining, and I agree
with the opinion that Wing was more a design to be a money magnet than G! They
didn't even bother to write (or re-write for that matter) the story! you wing
fans may ask why the continual bashing of wing from me?! Well I liked EW to
get it straight because it had an original plot, and you answer me one
question, if you developed a story 15 years ago (in 1995) and someone decides
to write the same story with minor adjustments and label it as a fresh new
story, how would you feel? and as a fan don't you feel cheated?I like the MS
designs and the art was ok but the story just annoys the hell out of me! This
isn't flaming or anything but it really bugs me that the wing fans steal the
thunder from UC. Just like how Greed annoys the hell out of me that its a copy
of Who wants to be a millionaire.

And finally I think Tomino wouldn't have done another Gundam series after V,
he wouldn't have ended UC if he felt that he could do more besides,even if he
did, the story might come out forced and bland and I think thats why he
stopped, this is all of course, specuation. I think that after a few years to
think up a new story and write, i figure that he was ready again and who
knows, maybe it was the strangeness in G that made Tomino go for the Radical
change in Turn-A......... and who knows maybe that short break has helped get
his creative juices flowing............

- Roger



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