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<< Of course, it'll never get made. There's just no way Bandai would make a
 Gundam movie without any Gundam (or any Federation MS at all) in it. >>

  Why do the Feds. always need a Gundam? I would like to see an OVA where the
Feds. build their latest Gundam model and the Zeon's, in order to combat this
Gundam, create a more sinister mockery of the Feds. Gundam which, just like
the Feds. Gundam, strikes fear into the hearts of Feds and is a positive
symbol to the Zeon troops. Of course, new ideas can be thrown into them mix
to make it "original".

  It doesn't even have to be called a Gundam, the Zeon's can give it a name
that is as recognized as the name "Gundam" is among the enemy pilots. Sort of
an anti Gundam that is truly original, not just an anti Gundam for an anti
Gundam sake. Also, just like the Feds, the Zeon Gundam needs to have a very
distinct look to it that's easily recognizable as the Zeon's Gundam. It
should look similar to a Fed Gundam, but still be very Zeon design.

   Since some Zeon's or is that most?, hate the Gundam, the Zeon's would
probably approve of an Zeon Gundam, especially if it mocks the Gundam, in
name and look, but that is still very Zeon styled.


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