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Were'nt some of those scenes animated in Giren's Greed? I've never played
the game but I've read the reviews of it. I wonder if Bandai will ever
translate it...but UC Gundam will have to become popular first.

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> >Turn A has come and gone, what do people think the next series should be
> >about?
> >I'm sort of interested in possibly an "Alternate UC history" in which the
> >Zeon win the war, and the Federation ends up being outcast from the Earth
> >sphere,. I'm sort of working on a fanfic of that order to
> >retalitate, the Earth Federation builds new Gundams to win Earth back. I
> >also think it's about time Mars got into's a planet within
> >Gundam's boundaries that has'nt seen any action outside the manga.
> >Any thoughts?
> What I'd really like to see is either a theatrical movie or OVA that
> the first month of the One Year War. It'd start with the initial Zeon
> assault and continue on to tell the story of the One Week Battle,
> British, the Battle of Ruum and conclude with the signing of the Antarctic
> Treaty. This would give us a chance to see significant events in the
> univers which, previously, have only been referenced offscreen. Char's
> initial exploits which earned him his fame, General Revil's Zeon is
> exhausted speech (though there is a nice version of this in the
> novelization), that sort of thing.
> Of course, it'll never get made. There's just no way Bandai would make a
> Gundam movie without any Gundam (or any Federation MS at all) in it.
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