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> << What I really want to see is something of what Tomino says about
characters. How about a Gundam show w/o any mecha. Something that relates
to the whole
> war, but taken from a perspective outside the war and incidents that are
related to it but not fighting...
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> Yeah, I'm sure the boys at Bandai would really jump out of their chairs
for that one, heh, heh, heh =). Having a Gundam show without Mobile Suits is
like having Star Wars without lightsabers or the Force (oh wait, I think
we're supposed to refer to them as 'midichlorians' now).
> Actually, how 'bout a Gundam series with no "new" mechs, a plot that is
not centered around a "new Gundam" mobile suit. Just using those that were
already created or established. I'd love to see older mechs in action again.
> Again, if it doesn't involved the marketing of new or ret-conned mobile
suits, Bandai ain't gonna make it.
> Tom
> -
Yeah, this is a great idea too!!! It kinda reminds me of Kondo Kazuhisa's
comics (he's the guy that draws the gundam with wierd proportions). His
stories use old gundams (modified though) and adds a really heavy "army"
touch to it. Quite cool..

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