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>Turn A has come and gone, what do people think the next series should be
>I'm sort of interested in possibly an "Alternate UC history" in which the
>Zeon win the war, and the Federation ends up being outcast from the Earth
>sphere,. I'm sort of working on a fanfic of that order to
>retalitate, the Earth Federation builds new Gundams to win Earth back. I
>also think it's about time Mars got into's a planet within
>Gundam's boundaries that has'nt seen any action outside the manga.
>Any thoughts?

What I'd really like to see is either a theatrical movie or OVA that covers
the first month of the One Year War. It'd start with the initial Zeon
assault and continue on to tell the story of the One Week Battle, Operation
British, the Battle of Ruum and conclude with the signing of the Antarctic
Treaty. This would give us a chance to see significant events in the Gundam
univers which, previously, have only been referenced offscreen. Char's
initial exploits which earned him his fame, General Revil's Zeon is
exhausted speech (though there is a nice version of this in the
novelization), that sort of thing.

Of course, it'll never get made. There's just no way Bandai would make a
Gundam movie without any Gundam (or any Federation MS at all) in it.


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