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<< I HATE the EW Gundams! I absolutely hate them. I love katoki's OZ MSs, but
 pointy shoes on DSHC look like crap. I mean, geez he took the very cool and
 looking Deathscythe Hell and turned into a Keebler elves reject. I think 2
 gattlings is more than enough for Heavyarms. The sandrock is inoffensive.
 shoujo Wing zero custom is actually kind of cool though. I like how the wings
 fold around, but the original design is much cooler. >>

   I like the Deathscythe Hell, but those pointy feet on the DSH Custom I
don't like at all. Yeah, it does kind remind me of keebler elves as well. Am
going OT a bit, I refuse to accept the keebler elves as elves. I consider
"true" elves to be like the in Tolkien books or in other fantasy books, the
tall, slender, regal, warrior elves, not the wimpy Keebler and shoe maker
elves. :) I don't know if you know what dark elves are(evil, black skinned
elves), but they would love the Deathscythe Hell's look. Back on topic now:

  The Sandrock Custom is my favorite EW Gundam, its got this nice Arabian
look to it. The Wing Zero Custom I like a lot. I don't care too much for any
of Wufei's 3 Gundam's at all. The Heavy Arms Custom's weapon's are a bit over
board, but I like the Gundam itself.


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