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<< What I really want to see is something of what Tomino says about characters. How about a Gundam show w/o any mecha. Something that relates to the whole
war, but taken from a perspective outside the war and incidents that are related to it but not fighting...


Yeah, I'm sure the boys at Bandai would really jump out of their chairs for that one, heh, heh, heh =). Having a Gundam show without Mobile Suits is like having Star Wars without lightsabers or the Force (oh wait, I think we're supposed to refer to them as 'midichlorians' now).

Actually, how 'bout a Gundam series with no "new" mechs, a plot that is not centered around a "new Gundam" mobile suit. Just using those that were already created or established. I'd love to see older mechs in action again.

Again, if it doesn't involved the marketing of new or ret-conned mobile suits, Bandai ain't gonna make it.


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