Chris Maier (
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 20:04:57 -0400

  I'd personally like to see a new MSV line done with 90's Model kit technology. Since HGUC seems to be concentrating mostly on the popular mechas at this moment, and all the mecha they have thus far produced have already been made into kits anyway back in the 80s, I think there should be a new MSV line that could cover some of the more obscure variants and designs that have popped up in Gundam, but not in the form of a plastic model kit. Some of these mecha already exist as resin kits, but let's face it, plastic form is much cheaper! I'm all for an HGMSV line!
  Here are my ideas:
  Blue Destiny GM(BD video games)
  Cold Climate GM(0080)
  MS-08(BD video games)
  GM Sniper II(0080)
  Dom Funf(0083, very beginning)
  Gundam GP-04(0083 concept)
  Dom Tropen(0083)
  Mass-produced Guntank(08th MS Team)
  Mass-produced Guncannon(0080)
  Hobby Hizack(CCA)
  Geloog Marine(Both regular,Cima, and Fed colors)
  Zaku F2(Regular, diamond mine version(brown), and Fed colors)
  High Mobility Gyan(Giren's Greed)
  Gundam Mark IV(A regular-sized version of the GG0 mecha)


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