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>fsjmk wrote:
> > >I get annoyed when people insist on comparing wing point by point to
> > >gundam shows.
> >
> > But it's okay to do this to Gundam X?
>My comparisons of gundam X to MSG and Zeta were only in response to the
>that the GX charas were "Original", and "The best gundam characters".

Um, since I'm the only one on this list who likes X I think you ought to
read my posts a little more carefully. I never said the X chars were "The
best gundam characters". I did say they were the most believeable, save for

Nor did I say the Gundam X characters were "Original", I said they were
unique. This may seem like a subltle difference, but please allow me to
explain. Original, to me, means something that hasn't been done before.
Something that's unique may have been done before, but the current iteration
is different enough to be distinctive in my mind. For example, Anivel Gato
isn't original, because his character draws qutie a bit on Char Aznable's
role in the original series. However he is unique. Contrast this to Zechs
Merquise, who is neither original nor unique.

To apply this to Gundam X: Garrod's character isn't unique. After all,
we've seen plenty of teenage Gundam pilots before. However, I did find him
to be unique. Unlike the usual morose and angst ridden Amuro/Camille type,
Garrod is happy and optimistic.

>As I said before, I like gundam X on it's own merits. but IMO when it is
>to MSG, Zeta and Wing it is not as good. That does not in any way mean it
>is not
>a worthwhile and entertaining show. I was simply challenging the statement
>that it
>was "better" or "more original" than Z or W.

I never said it was more original than Z or W, either. I did say I though
it was better. While others may have different opinions, no one has offered
anything in this discussion that would change my mind.

>---Brett Jensen

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