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Here's another idea...(Sort of a growth of my first idea)why not have a
series that deals with the colonization of the outer planets, particually
Mars? Although most of the planets in the outer solar system are gas giants,
their moons can make interesting habitation spots, like Europa for instance.
I think it would be cool to see Gundams, GMs, or other MS adapted for
enviornments other than the Earth and the moon, like for instance the
Crossbone Gundam. Plus it'll keep the model makers happy :)
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> >Turn A has come and gone, what do people think the next series should be
> about?
> >I'm sort of interested in possibly an "Alternate UC history" in which the
> Zeon win the war, and the Federation ends up being outcast from the Earth
> sphere,.
> Personally, I'm kind of fed up with the colony drops and One Year War
> throwbacks. I don't want something that relies on Gundam cliches and yet
> be distinctly Gundam. Something really new that's an outgrowth of the
> mythology. Maybe Turn-A was an attempt at this but I have no clue how that
> show turned out.
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