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Brett Jensen wrote:

> I get annoyed when people insist on comparing wing point by point to previous
> gundam shows. It was only called Gundam because the marketting guys at Bandai
> didn't have the balls to make it a non gundam mecha show in 95.

I'll tell you why I can't stand watching Gundam Wing - the dialogue. Whereas
watching a show like 0083 or Macross or Yamato might have its moments of goofiness I
have, randomly, tried watching Wing and everytime I'm completely turned of by the
nutty words coming out of their mouths. It is so comic book and by that I mean that
every character insists on saying the obvious - what just happened, why this guy or
that guy is doing something, why they're going to do x or y or z in the near
future... I can't get into it. Compare that to a show like 0080 where the acting
seems to be like out of a movie, the story is believable, basically, and the
dialogue isn't so limp. I love the mecha designs in Wing (although the Gundams are
my least favorite of the series) but the writing kills me. Not the story but the
way it's presented to me. I can only pray that much of it is due to the English

> What if "Terminator 2" had been called "Blade Runner W" People would have said it
> sucks because it's nothing like Blade runner except it has human looking robots
> who run amok.
> I bet all of us like T2, but freely admit that it isn't as deep as "Blade
> runner".

You make a great point. It's sort of the same as how people hate "Soldier", which
wasn't bad, partly because it's nowhere near as good as "Bladerunner". They are in
the same universe. And, to speak of your example, I would love "Blade Runner W" but
would freely admit that dropped the ball trying to integrate with what came before.


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