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I just ordered some Gundam ZZ vcd's and was wondering if you had a script
for the series as they are japanese only. If not could I get your synopsis
as you finish them?


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> << I have been surfing around on the english webpages and basically I find
that most people here do not like ZZ. However, on a few pages, they say
> along the lines of "it dissappointed most fans" etc... But the thing is,
I remember when my friends and I were watching it (we were only 7 or 8 years
> old back then mind you!) we loved the show more than any cartoon that
ever came out. Seriously, it was THE BEST GUNDAM SHOW if you were born in
the early 80's and watching it at that time. >>
> I see that you obviously weren't watching ZETA Gundam.
> << I can understand how alot of people who watch it after they get into
Gundam during their teens and 20's
> (or later) don't like it. But I just remember that I thought Judoo was
really cool when I was 8. The characters were meant to be a little more
"child like" mainly cuz that was the point of the story. They didn't screw
up Bright Noah or any of the other characters, they just gave another
perspective on them. Not to mention, the MS were really cool too... the
toys (not plamodel) were superior than any other series in detail and scale.
> My major beef with GUNDAM ZZ is that its lighthearted approach and comedic
plot was a complete turnaround from the gut wrenching intensity and drama of
> I guess if I were to make some kind of comparison it would be that if ZETA
was like "Saving Private Ryan", GUNDAM ZZ would be like "Hogan's Heroes".
Now, I like "Hogan's Heroes" a lot, but I certainly wouldn't try to directly
link it to "Saving Private Ryan" in any way.
> <<Even though there are alot of adults watching anime, in the end, it is
still best viewed and most appreciated when young (^.^)>>
> They say the same thing about THE PHANTOM MENACE, but that still doesn't
make me feel better about what a disappointment I think it was.
> I think there are some things to like in ZZ, character designs (not the
actual characters) are pretty good, and the mechs are interesting, even if
they sometimes go over the top.
> I am currently rewatching ZZ to reassess my opinions of it. I'm up to
episode 10 and am doing synopsis as I go along. Judged as a series on its
own, its seems pretty fun, but judged as a sequel to ZETA and the original
Gundam, its quite lacking.
> I think most dissatisfaction with ZZ comes due to the fact that it is
almost the complete opposite as to what ZETA was. However, after seeing what
has come out since, especially the dreadful Gundam X, ZZ doesn't look as bad
as it once did.
> that's my humble opinion,
> Tom
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