Jeff Caraway (
Mon, 12 Jun 2000 15:34:56 -0400

Yeah... This method works pretty well. I used it to fix my Jagd Doga's arm
after I got a little too happy with the snips.
The arm has proven to be as strong as the original.

Jeff C

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> Try making a new rod (you can use a piece of the tree the parts came on),
> which is long enough to extend into the part you're gluing it to. Drill a
> hole into the part, then put the rod through the hole. If you use strong
> liquid styrene cement, it should weld them together pretty tightly. You
> also try filling the part that the rod extends into with epoxy (the more
> surface area you have in contact with the epoxy, the better it will
> Peter Savin
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> Subject: [gundam] modelling adhesives
> For modelling people:
> When doing customizing, let's say you were to make joint (or let's say you
> are extending a forearm) alot of the times, you would have a _L <-- this
> kind of a protruding thing.. (sorry, not very good explanation). But
> you cut that protruding thing and extend with plastic board etc.. what do
> you guys use to stick the new plastic rod back on? This is usually
> something I'm always stuck with and each time, it falls off. I've tried
> epoputty, epoxy, cement, laquer putty... but after moving it around, it
> will still break. (i want to keep the movement).
> V
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