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Mabey people today go into wing with a bad attitude because of the Weird female
fandom. The bishonen angle simply wasn't an issue when it was on the air. It was
the new mecha show, and it was good. Nobody was bitching about how Un-Gundam it
was because it followed G Gundam. And frankly the cool (but not necissarily
realistic) characters were a real draw.

I get annoyed when people insist on comparing wing point by point to previous
gundam shows. It was only called Gundam because the marketting guys at Bandai
didn't have the balls to make it a non gundam mecha show in 95.

What if "Terminator 2" had been called "Blade Runner W" People would have said it
sucks because it's nothing like Blade runner except it has human looking robots
who run amok.

I bet all of us like T2, but freely admit that it isn't as deep as "Blade

---Brett Jensen

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