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> Well, the real world reason, I think, is that Kunio's Ookawara's designs,
> while interesting, were'nt quite exciting and interesting enough. So it fell
> on Hajime Katoki, who designed the OZ mechas, to give the Gundams a fresh
> new look for the OAV.

I HATE the EW Gundams! I absolutely hate them. I love katoki's OZ MSs, but those
pointy shoes on DSHC look like crap. I mean, geez he took the very cool and Evil
looking Deathscythe Hell and turned into a Keebler elves reject. I think 2 Beam
gattlings is more than enough for Heavyarms. The sandrock is inoffensive. Sissy
shoujo Wing zero custom is actually kind of cool though. I like how the wings
fold around, but the original design is much cooler.

> Also, I think the designs might be retroactive, which would mean they
> really looked like that during the series.

Yes definately, based on the flashback at the beginning.

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I don't know, I do like the EW Customs. And I like some of the originals. But I HATE the Deathscythe Hell. It just looks stupid to me. Maybe when I see it animated I will think differently. I also happen to prefer the Original Wing Gundam to the Wing Zero Custom. I particularly liked the chest vents, kinda like a classic car.


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