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Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:01:04 -0700 wrote:

> I understood and I agreed. Amuro in CCA had become a more standard
> superhero-with-a-bum-past type of character.

Well, if you consider "Growing up" to be super heroic then I guess so.

> NO! There are a lot of dirty politicians, crazy politicians, manipulative
> politicians, evil politicians, idealistic politicians. But there are no
> stupid politicians.

Dan Quayle.

> Tell you what Quess' motivation should have been...

Teenage girls don't need logical motivations.Those were good starting points, but

> she defected because she was jealous of a woman who wasn't even
> dating Amuro? And then she got charmed over by Char who was practically
> fucking another woman right in front of her? Sheesh!

yeah, that didn't make sense, but she probably felt she had a better shot with
Char since he encouraged the infatuation.

---Brett Jensen


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