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Edward Ju wrote:

> Well, Mark Simmons really hated the series, so I guess it'd be torture for
> him to write a synopsis for it.

Wasn't he posting synopsi back when it was on the air? (at least for the early eps)
I left the list while it was still on air so I don't know how far he got.

> For UC/Tomino fans, this series that
> started as a tribute became an utter insult when the series ended with a
> "there is no XXX XXXX" (don't feel like spoiling it... hehe).

Didn't really bother me... It is an alternate universe after all. I don't get mad
because there are no Minovski particles or XXX XXXX in wing. ^_^

Or that the "Colonies" are just countries floating in space in G.

---Brett Jensen

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