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Blackeagle wrote:

> I'm just basing it on how it looks in the Anime.

Well it does look pretty cool in the anime. I also like how Gundam Ashitron
looks in the anime.

>I think the Gundam X characters are more believeable than any other Gundam
>series I've seen (except 0080). From comments by people who've seen it,
>maybe I'd get the same feeling about the original series characters if I saw
>the TV series rather than the movies, but until then . . .

Bah, you think Garoad is a better character than Camille? Jameel better than
Quattro? you've gotta be kidding. I won't even compare the cheap Rei ayanami
clone; Tifa to any female Gundam Characters.

> As for the story, I don't find many similarities to MSG. Sure the war in
> Gundam X and the OYW are very similar (though with decidedly different
> outcomes) but Gundam X isn't about the war. As the title implies, it's
> about the wars aftereffects.

What about the episode where Roabie ends up with a female spy, exactly like Kai
Shiden did in MSG?

----Brett Jensen

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