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Hum.. that's very odd. I used the same methods for my MG Dom's thumb and it
seems to work fine. Maybe you have let it sit for a day for the adhesive to
cure. You said that the pin tends to slide around. You could try get a
bigger pin or put some epoxy putty in the hole then insert the metal pin
inside and pull it back out. It should keep the pin firm that way. Btw
what model are you working on?? Maybe I can check and see the problem.

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>This is what i do usually do. However, the epoxy still breaks and the
>plastic rod starts sliding on the pin... (this is only if i move it around
>excessively (i.e. transforming).
>I went out to buy that krazy glue gel stuff and it seems to work ALOT
>stronger than any adhesive i've used so far.
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> > Someone in the list mentioned before, for any kind of kit customization
> > scratchbuilding you'll need the "pinning" method. What you do is get a
> > vise and drill a small hole into both of the connecting ends of the
> > plastics. Then insert a small metal rod or tube (can be bought in most
> > hobby stores) in these holes and use a touch of epoxy cement to glue
> > This will keep the plastic rod from breaking since it's pinned down on
> > plastic itself. Hope that helps.
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> > >Subject: [gundam] modelling adhesives
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> > >For modelling people:
> > >When doing customizing, let's say you were to make joint (or let's say
> > >are extending a forearm) alot of the times, you would have a _L <--
> > >kind of a protruding thing.. (sorry, not very good explanation). But
> > >you cut that protruding thing and extend with plastic board etc.. what
> > >you guys use to stick the new plastic rod back on? This is usually
> > >something I'm always stuck with and each time, it falls off. I've
> > >epoputty, epoxy, cement, laquer putty... but after moving it around,
> > >will still break. (i want to keep the movement).
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