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This is what i do usually do. However, the epoxy still breaks and the
plastic rod starts sliding on the pin... (this is only if i move it around
excessively (i.e. transforming).
I went out to buy that krazy glue gel stuff and it seems to work ALOT
stronger than any adhesive i've used so far.


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> Someone in the list mentioned before, for any kind of kit customization or
> scratchbuilding you'll need the "pinning" method. What you do is get a
> vise and drill a small hole into both of the connecting ends of the
> plastics. Then insert a small metal rod or tube (can be bought in most
> hobby stores) in these holes and use a touch of epoxy cement to glue them.
> This will keep the plastic rod from breaking since it's pinned down on the
> plastic itself. Hope that helps.
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> >For modelling people:
> >When doing customizing, let's say you were to make joint (or let's say
> >are extending a forearm) alot of the times, you would have a _L <-- this
> >kind of a protruding thing.. (sorry, not very good explanation). But
> >you cut that protruding thing and extend with plastic board etc.. what
> >you guys use to stick the new plastic rod back on? This is usually
> >something I'm always stuck with and each time, it falls off. I've tried
> >epoputty, epoxy, cement, laquer putty... but after moving it around, it
> >will still break. (i want to keep the movement).
> >
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